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We write the most secure and dependable smart contracts on Blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance, Tron, and others.

Our innovative smart contract development services for private, public, and hybrid blockchains will grow your business. We help enterprises automate their operations, streamline workflow, and reduce the cost of critical processes by leveraging our deep expertise in various smart contract programming languages and tech stacks.

We are the industry’s leading Smart Contracts Development Company.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract Development

We create cutting-edge self-executing custom smart contracts with a wide range of features for a variety of industries such as NFTs, Gaming, Finance, and many others.

Smart Contract Architecture

We focus on logic flows, operational complexity, off-chain vs. on-chain functionality, layer 2s, and other aspects. Most importantly, we strive to design smart contracts that are modular and lightweight as possible to meet the current and future needs of our clients.

Smart Contract Audit

Need a contract audited before launch? our smart contract engineers thoroughly audit the written code to ensure the contract performs as expected as well as error-free. We also run automated and manual vulnerability tests.

Smart Contract Optimization

Our certified smart contract developers use the most up-to-date token standards, gas, and computational optimization techniques to lower network fees and resources needed.

Smart Contracts for Staking

Interested in adding staking to your token or NFT? We can help you create a custom staking contract. Variable staking, fixed staking, and defi staking, our team of experts can help you assess the ideal solution for your business.

Smart Contracts for Dapps

With extensive experience writing testing, and deploying dApp smart contracts on blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, And BSC, our smart contract developers can create the perfect contract for your dApp.

NFT Mint Smart Contracts

W3MVC can help you develop a custom smart contract to fit the needs of you NFT project. Whether launching a marketplace, tokenizing real estate, or developing a lending platform, we develop efficient, secure, & flexible contracts.

Smart Contracts for Games

We assist the gaming industry in embracing the blockchain-based “play-to-earn” game innovation, which is governed by smart contracts and promotes transaction decentralization, transparency, and data integrity.

Smart Contracts For Yield Farming

Smart contract Yield farming is the practice of staking or lending cryptocurrency assets in order to generate high returns or rewards in cryptocurrency. It encourages liquidity providers to stake or lock up their cryptocurrency assets in a liquidity pool based on smart contracts.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

The Perks of Smart Contracts for Your Business:

Embrace the power of smart contracts to automate operations in your organization while gaining the following advantages:


One of the key criteria of smart contracts is the accurate recording of all rules and regulations in a certain aspect. Because defying it leads to transaction failure, it is necessary. A consensus technique is used in automated agreements to avoid the pitfalls of manually controlled forms.


The speed and precision of these automated contracts naturally result in the efficiency and productivity with which they work. A higher level of competency leads to more value-generating transactions being conducted per second.


All network members have complete visibility and access to the contract’s rules and regulations. They are without recourse after the terms of the contract have been established. It enables an environment that is visible to all involved parties.


If your business processes several transactions at once, smart contracts might be a suitable choice to increase workflow accuracy. With our specialized smart contract services, you can increase the productivity and security of your company.


Smart contracts perform trustless transactions. Any possibility of wrongdoing, inaccuracy, or bias is eliminated by the consensus protocol’s safe, autonomous, and transparent design. The contract is processed and then automatically carried out.


The elimination of third-party intervention is one of the most beneficial elements that lower transaction costs and multiplies speed. Attorneys, banking officials, witnesses, and other mediators are not required.

Development of Smart Contracts on Various Blockchains

Our diverse team is capable of creating and deploying smart contracts on well-known Blockchain networks, whether it be TRON or Polygon (Matic)

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

We combine technical expertise, clever tactics, and a design-driven process to create Ethereum smart contract development solutions.

Tron Smart Contract Development

Have a project perfect for the Tron blockchain? We can help you create a smart contract or even a TRC-20 token.

Binance Smart Contract Development

Planning to build on Binance Chain? Our team of experts can develop and deploy your BSC smart contract.

Polygon Smart Contract Development

Polygon with its EVM compatibility feature and its ability to bridge gaps between multiple different scaling solutions makes it a preferred choice for development for low-cost transactions.

Why Choose W3MVC As Your Smart Contract Development Company?

We take the time to understand your needs and goals to develop the right contract for the expected outcome. Many companies will skip this step and accept the scope from the clients but we take it a step further to ensue you get the exact results intended.


Experienced Developers

We have a great number of dedicated Smart Contract developers who have provided personalized smart contract solutions to meet our client’s broader business needs


Manual Testing

Our engineers and auditors have extensive experience with manual smart contract testing, and we invest time, money, and effort to make this evident.


High-quality Services

As a team of experts, w3mvc has developed several successful smart contract projects that lead to a successful business cycle with maximum customer satisfaction.


Innovative Smart Contracts

Innovative ideas often need innovative smart contracts. Our team of experienced devs can ensure all needs are met.


Cost-effective Solutions

We have the expertise to create Smart Contracts that are customized to the unique business requirements of our clients, ensuring that they are delivered on time and within budget.


Effective communication

To achieve organizational goals and be more in line with the fundamental corporate values, we engage in good communication with our clients. Our key goals are to increase organizational efficiency, remove obstacles, inform clients, and minimize mistakes.

Frequently Asked

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a digital representation of a traditional paper contract that is designed to execute on its own to enforce the contract terms once all the conditions and requirements of the smart contract are fulfilled.

Smart contracts are computer programs, consisting of lines of codes, that are stored on a blockchain network as an application. It tremendously improves upon the shortcomings of traditional paper contracts such as eliminating the need for trusted intermediaries.

How does a smart contract work?

Firstly, the contract terms are finalized and converted into a compiled code. The deployment transaction is then made for the blockchain, recording the smart contract on all the blockchain nodes. The other party interacts with it via further transactions. When all the contract terms are satisfied AND it is affirmed by the network, the final transactions to the concerned parties take place.

What is smart contract development?

Smart contract development is the overall process of proposing, negotiating, and accepting the terms of an agreement or service by all the parties concerned, and programming it into lines of codes.

The smart contract code is then recorded on the blockchain. When some preconditions are met, the smart contract is self-executed and contract terms are enforced.

Smart contracts are written in specific programming languages, such as Solidity or Vyper. Since computers can only understand machine code, these codes are then internally translated into a machine-readable format.

Are smart contracts safe?

Smart contracts are computer programs comprising several code lines. Since every piece of software code is prone to loopholes and hence outside attacks, smart contracts are no exception to this.

As long as fool-proof programming practices are implemented, such as writing secure code and abundant testing, smart contracts are indeed safe.

What are smart contracts used for?

Smart contracts are used in the agreement for the exchange of services and/or payments between two or more parties. It is designed to be automatically executed by a computer once the contract terms are fulfilled and verified by the blockchain network.

This leads to numerous use cases for smart contracts in all areas of human life. For instance, Loans, Mortgages, Escrow Funds, and Insurance are some of the popular use-cases for smart contracts.

Which industries can smart contracts benefit?

The number one industry having the most potential to be benefited from smart contracts is the business industry.

This is because every business transaction can be automated via smart contracting, hence removing an immense load of resources, manpower, intermediaries, as well as time that would be spent unwisely otherwise.

Furthermore, almost every industry can benefit from smart contracts. Since smart contracts are relatively new, many other different industrial use cases are still left unexplored.

Which smart contract platform has the most developers?

Ethereum. Ethereum has the privilege of being the most popular smart contract development platform. It retains the highest number of experienced developers to date.

The most notable features of Ethereum’s smart contract platform are the standardization, security, and support that it offers to its customers. Ethereum has its own smart contract programming language: Solidity, and offers clear development guidelines for its developers.

Are smart contracts legal?

The legality surrounding smart contracts has been met with many challenges and issues. Smart contracts are legally enforceable as long as they meet the fundamental rules of contractual agreements.

There should be an offer of terms, following its agreement, and a transfer of value to all parties involved in the smart contract. Furthermore, the smart contract terms must be legally permissible and should be eligible for electronic signatures. In this way, smart contracts are legally enforceable.

What is an ERC-721 token?

An ERC-721 token is a non-fungible token developed from the ERC-721 token standard. ERC-721 is a free open standard for developing non-fungible (unique) tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. ERC-721 defines a minimum interface that a smart contract must implement in developing unique tokens.

It incorporates methods such as tracking the owner of a unique identifier etc. Every ERC-721 token is unique, even if 2 identical of them are made from the same smart contract they would still be different in some other way.

What is an ERC-1155 token?

ERC-1155 token is a semi-fungible token developed from the ERC-1155 token standard. ERC-1155 is a free open standard for developing semi-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC-1155 combines the ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards all the while improving their individual functionalities.

Initially, semi-fungible tokens are identical to ERC-20 fungible tokens. When a particular condition is met at a point in time, they become non-fungible and share the same characteristics as those of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens.

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