The Rise of Immersive Digital Art – Digital Art Fair Hong Kong 2022

Immersion is the act of becoming involved in something, being drawn into its universe, and losing one’s sense of self in the process. Immersive or experiential art envelops its audience in a full-body experience, engaging with sight, touch, and sometimes even smell. Artists can create environments that surround the viewer, making them an active part of their experience, using New Media processes such as video projection mapping, acoustic technologies, VR headsets, and light shows.

Immersive art allows the public to experience art as more than just looking at it. It’s an interactive experience that can add a whole new dimension to how a piece or installation is appreciated. However, immersive art is not a new concept.

Why is immersive art on the rise?

People’s experiences of what art is capable of have greatly expanded. This has happened because of the pandemic, which forced galleries and artists to get more inventive with their displays and the art they produced. The prevalence of digital art has expanded the range of what museums, galleries, and other art places today perceive as possible with technology.

The need for museums and art galleries to get new visitors through their doors is urgent. The pandemic has caused many art spaces to lose money, and the closures have been difficult for everyone. Since the globe is once more opening up, everyone is seeking fresh approaches to pique people’s curiosity. Immersive art offers a fantastic opportunity to achieve just that.


The third generation of internet technology is a progression. Decentralization, privacy, machine learning, and safety are some of the developments influencing web 3. This concept emphasizes ownership to the owner and is without restrictions. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and NFTs are all part of the new internet.

Digital Art Shows:

All works of art come together in an exhibition or presentation for the public to view. Most often, art exhibitions last for a set amount of time. Being permanent is rarely a reality. It may contain illustrations created by individual artists, groups of artists, or both, as well as video, sound, performance, new media art, and photos. It may be displayed in private art galleries, museums, art galleries, or art clubs.


In the modern era, artists showcase their work online, and many people follow them and enjoy the pieces. Digital art is the practice of exhibiting your work online, and in the web3, artists are doing just that by producing their own NFTs and exhibiting them on various channels as well as in the metaverse. Around the world, there are a lot of NFT exhibitions taking place. These activities are enhancing the creators’ self-assurance and spread knowledge of the benefits of the internet and NFTs. Creators from all over the world assemble in one location to talk about their works of art, experiences using web 3, and other relevant topics.

Digital Art Fair:

The Digital Art Fair Asia aims to embrace digital technology for everyone who wants to purchase, sell, or enjoy AR/VR or NFT art worldwide. In October, there will be a Digital Art Fair Experience Hong Kong. The 20,000-square-foot set is complete. LG Electronics and Goldman Sachs are the event’s primary sponsors and partners. The “Xperience Art Initiative,” a digital art public art project where visitors are expected to create thousands of works of digital art, is one of the highlights. Join the artistic metamorphosis facade video wall of the Queen’s Road Central, one of Hong Kong’s busiest streets, which serves as the event site.

International artists from all over the world are attending this event. It will be engaging, educational, and entertaining.


Any human talent or craft is considered to be art. Anything is possible, including music and images. These days, digital arts, often referred to as NFTs, are registered on the blockchain with certain codes. To raise public knowledge of the web3 and the NFTs, NFTs events are taking place all around the world. The world’s largest web3 art fair, Digital Art Fair, will take place in Hong Kong from October 20 through November 6 at Asia Standard Tower Queen’s Road Central.

If you’re interested in creating your own Digital Art or NFT project and are in need of an NFT consultation or smart contract development, contact us, and let us show you how we can help.