UPS gears up to enter the metaverse

The metaverse frenzy is not cooling down and its user base continues to embark on exponential growth. Many retail brands and companies have started embracing the 3D virtual world concept and wholeheartedly welcome its enormous yet untapped potential.

Undoubtedly, the Covid Pandemic had been one of the key accelerators for the much-hyped metaverse virtual world concept. There is a continuous rising trend in brand activations and pop-ups in the metaverse’s virtual retail space. The latest is UPS’s “The Helping You Be Unstoppable Store” activation in the Decentraland.

Decentraland is a browser-based 3D virtual world, running on the Ethereum Blockchain, where users can buy land plots as NFTs and effectively run their own virtual business with endless opportunities.

An interactive metaverse experience

In the Decentraland metaverse, UPS seeks to empower small-scale businesses. It seeks to provide business owners with exclusive content, tips, and advice to help them in their entrepreneurial endeavors in the Metaverse virtual world. UPS’s “The Helping You Be Unstoppable Store” is all set to provide an interactive environment to learn by doing.

As per the Franchising, UPS’s Decentraland storefront will consist of 3 floors:

  • The Newsstand:
  • Be Unstoppable Academy
  • The Amphitheatre

The Newsstand is on the first floor of the UPS storefront and filled with licensed content from the Inc. and Fast Company that focuses on small-scale businesses and is most relevant to solopreneurs.

Be Unstoppable Academy, launching on October 7, 2022, is on the second floor of the UPS storefront. The floor will feature a series of education-focused modules, such as brand-building and marketing, that visitors can participate in.

The Amphitheater, launching on October 7, 2022, is on the third floor of the UPS storefront and will feature content from three small-scale business experts: Brian Moran, Melinda Emerson, and Damon Brown.

Decentraland UPS store outside view

Despite the mixed views surrounding the metaverse, it is clear that, alongside Facebook, Roblox, and Sandbox, UPS is a strong proponent of the Metaverse being the future of global socialization and that there holds an immense potential in it to benefit.

UPS set to be a “major player” in virtual worlds

“Clearly, UPS sees the potential of the Metaverse and is preparing its trademarks and brand for the virtual economy that will dominate it,” Mike Kondoudis said. “It is a safe bet that UPS expects to be a major player in that virtual economy.”

United Parcel Service, or simply UPS, is a 1907 American multinational shipping and receiving and supply chain management company. Best known for its groundbreaking shipping services, UPS now aims to take its shipping to the Metaverse.

As revealed by the NFT trademark attorney, Mike Kondoudis; on the 5th of April, 2022, UPS filed five new trademark applications to register with the Metaverse. Covering a range of virtual and NFT goods and services, the applications were submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

UPS seeks to offer virtual retail shipping and delivery services, marketplaces for digital goods and NFT-backed media, retail stores featuring virtual goods, as well as virtual clothing, packages, vehicles, airplanes, sports, NFTs, and crypto collectibles.

If you’re interested in getting your business or organization into virtual worlds such as Decentraland or Sandbox, contact us to see how we can help.