VeeFriends’ NFT-turned-toys coming to all Macy’s Stores

What originally started as a happiness-and-success-trait-inspired NFT characters project is now making its way to all Macy’s stores this October. In collaboration with Toys “R” Us and Macy’s, Veefriends is all set in for offering exclusive collectible plush characters and figures collectibles.

Launch Date

Even though the official launch date is October 17th, preorders have already started in the United States at the time of writing this article.

The ten characters from the VeeFriends Collection

There are a total of 10 collectibles from the VeeFriends collection. These are as listed below:

  • 1. Practical Peacock
  • 2. Gratitude Gorilla
  • 3. Common Sense Cow
  • 4. Willful Wizard
  • 5. Genuine Giraffe
  • 6. Be The Bigger Person
  • 7. Adventurous Astronaut
  • 8. Patient Panda
  • 9. Empathy Elephant
  • 10. Heart-Trooper

Of the 10 VeeFriends character collectibles listed above, the first six are available both in plush characters and toy figures. The remaining four collectibles are toy figures found in blind boxes only.

Where to buy VeeFriends Character Collectibles

It should be noted that this is the first run of a limited number of plush characters and toy figures from the Veefriends NFT collection. These are available at all Macy’s stores nationwide. Moreover, these are also listed on Macy’s website: and Toys “R” Us website. Furthermore, international customers can get their plush characters and toy figures from the VeeFriends website:

VeeFriends Token Holders benefits

Moreover, there are unique benefits to those who already own Veefriends NFTs for the first six character collectibles in the above list. VeeFriends NFT holders can redeem a free plush character and/or toy figure based on their token series type. It depends on whether their Veefriends token is of Series 1 or 2.

Series 1 NFT holders for a character collectible will get the corresponding free 10-inches plush collectible and the 6-inches toy figure. Series 2 NFT holders will get the free 6-inches toy figure for the corresponding character token they own.

Besides this, for non-holders, each plush character is available for $24.44, and the toy figure’s price stands at $29.99 per piece. Moreover, the blind box figure prices stand at $9.99 per box.

Each VeeFriend character collectible has an inspirational story

Gary’s characters are linked with an inspirational story that improves people’s outlook on happiness and success.

There are a total of 283 characters in the Veefriends Collection. Gary Vaynerchuk imagined, created, and drew all of them. Moreover, he also curated 10 of them for this special limited run.

Furthermore, Toikido, a London-based entertainment company, 3D designed the characters that Vaynerchuk chose for this occasion.

In addition, each of these collectibles has a story in a 3D animated form. Users can watch the 3D animated story by scanning the QR code on the product box. The QR code will lead them to the VeeFriends YouTube channel. On the channel, users can watch heartfelt short films as well as character song videos.

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur who created the Veefriends collection, originally as hand-drawn doodles. These doodles went on to become a successful NFT project, yielding more than $300 million worth of trading volume and leading.

Moreover, Gary Vaynerchuk will make 2 of Macy’s in-store appearances. One is in Chicago on October 17th, 2022, and the other is in New York on October 21st, 2022. In the latter, Gary Vaynerchuk will also participate in Macy’s Live.