Walmart and Roblox

Walmart, a 1962 American Multinational Retail Cooperation, quietly filed several new trademarks that indicated its interest in making and selling virtual goods as well as offering virtual currency and NFTs on the 30th of December, 2021.

The first stepping stone in realizing this came to pass on Monday, 26th September 2022, when Walmart announced its venture into the metaverse with two Roblox experiences.

Roblox is a 2004 free online game developing and hosting platform where users, using the Lua programming language, develop as well as play games from other users. Games on Roblox are known as experiences.

What is Walmart building in Roblox?

Unsurprising, since its inception, Roblox has attracted a younger audience to its platform. Roblox is one of the leading metaverse platforms and Walmart has taken the initiative by developing 2 Roblox experiences i.e., 2 Roblox Games, on the platform to target its virtual audience:

– Walmart Land

Walmart Land will itself consist of 3 sub experiences for the younger audience to participate in: Electric Island, Electric Fest, and House of Style.

Electric Island is inspired by the world’s greatest music festivals and features an interactive piano walkway à la the movie Big, a dance challenge, Netflix trivia, and a DJ booth.

Electric Fest, a motion capture concert, is an upcoming October event that is reported to feature popular artists such as Madison Beer, Kane Brown, and Yungblud.

House of Style is centered around fashion. It features a virtual dressing room, a strike-a-pose challenge, as well as an oversized cosmetics obstacle course, and a roller-skating rink. House of Style will feature products from almost every beauty brand such as UOMA by Sharon C. and ITK by Brooklyn & Bailey among others.

– Walmart Universe of Play

Walmart aspires to establish its Universe of Play as the ultimate toy-only virtual destination in Roblox. It will be a place that will offer immersive games, featuring the most popular toy characters from Walmart’s top toy list for the holiday season. Think of it as a giant toy box filled with toy games that Roblox users will interact with!

In the process, users will earn coins that can be redeemed for virtual merchandise, or simply ‘verch’. Verch is an in-game terminology representing real-life products from Walmart Merchandise but in the virtual form that users can redeem from the earned coins in Walmart’s Universe of Play.

Why the need for virtual shopping?

Physical shopping had almost been reduced to zero when Covid took over. Quarantined, ordinary people took to the internet to connect and interact with each other. This also saw the rise in online shopping and the virtual world concept of Metaverse stole the stage light.

With each passing day, the metaverse hype is increasing and virtual platforms are popping up everywhere. Since the pandemic, Roblox’s user base has tremendously increased and is one of the leading metaverse platforms.

To make the most out of the brand-new customer base, retailers and brands continue to dive into virtual worlds. Nikeland and Gucci Garden are such examples in Roblox’s metaverse. And now Walmart has joined the party.


Roblox’s metaverse has a good potential to grow further. Although its shares have dropped by more than 60% year-to-date, however, as they say, “in order to pump, it has to dump’.